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Negotiation for Procurement


Total number of courses

Duration: One day

Course Goal

The goal of this course is to provide participants with:

  • A clear understanding of a negotiation process that helps lead to “win-win” outcomes.
  • A framework to understand available options and tactics how to achieve the best outcome.

Learning Outcomes

  • Fundamental knowledge of professional negotiation
  • Knowing how to prepare for a successful negotiation
  • Ability to apply questioning techniques skillfully

Course Modules

  • The fundamentals of a professional negotiation
  • The negotiation process in 4 steps
  • Key success factor: Preparation
  • Negotiation case study
  • The queen of rhetorical weapons: questioning techniques
  • The Harvard concept
  • The process of a negotiation
  • Basics of body language
  • The essence of good rhetoric

Target Audience

  • New or aspiring procurement negotiators
  • Procurement professionals who want to brush up their negotiation skills;
  • Procurement professionals seeking to earn continuing education hours for their ISM or APS certification.



Course NameTypeDetails 
Negotiation Classroom TrainingClassroom  
Total: 1
Amount: $ 1 200.00